West Palm Beach – Medical Waste Disposal and Document Shredding

HES provides medical waste disposal and document shredding services to West Palm Beach, offering unparalleled customer care and careful attention to the rules and regulations required for each industry.
With customizable scheduling and a range of supplementary supply services, HES has everything you need to create the perfect plan for your company.

Medical Waste Disposal in West Palm Beach

In 2014, Florida had around 38,000 facilities that generated biomedical waste. These sources included hospitals, nursing homes, funeral homes, tattoo salons, pharmacies, and laboratories. Proper disposal of biomedical waste is essential to protect the health of the public and the environment at large. The requirements for disposal, however, can be difficult for small or independent organizations to meet in-house.

At HES, our medical waste disposal services are designed to precisely address every standard required by state and federal laws. We offer safe and careful removal and destruction of medical waste, and we work with our clients to determine a customized collection plan for their specific needs. Whether you require same-day removal or scheduled weekly collections, you can count on our reliable and 100% compliant services.

Waste Collection Supplies

In addition to our waste disposal services, we also offer our West Palm Beach customers a variety of supplies for medical and pharmaceutical waste collection. From sharps containers to red bag liners and gloves, we stock everything necessary for the successful implementation of a safe waste disposal program.

Legislation Regarding Disposal

Biomedical waste presents the threat of infection to humans, and the regulations surrounding its disposal are accordingly strict. Improper handling produces a sizable risk of a health crisis and puts the well-being of employees at risk. HES’s service protocol is designed to address and adhere to all state and federal regulations for biomedical disposal, like HIPAA, and guarantees full compliance with Florida regulations. Immediately upon collection by one of our registered transporter vehicles, you’ll receive a receipt verifying that your waste was correctly processed and transported to our facility for safe destruction.

Offering Safe Disposal of the Following Medical Waste:

  • Sharps
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Infectious
  • Pathological

Document Shredding in West Palm Beach

Florida statutes define identity theft as willfully and fraudulently using someone else’s personal identification without their consent. 2017 saw 31,167 cases of identity theft in Florida alone, and in 2019, the average cost per instance of fraud in the state was $400 per person.

It doesn’t take much information for a thief to do some serious damage. Whether it’s a credit card statement plucked from the trash can or a dropped client account form in the hallway, a single piece of paper is enough to seriously compromise the information and identity of an individual.

HES’s West Palm Beach shredding services make certain that every piece of paper we process is safely and securely deposited, crosscut, and immediately recycled by a trusted local partner. We maintain a careful chain of control during every stage of shredding to guarantee that the safety and confidentiality of your documents is always maintained.

Mobile Shredding

For shredding right at the front door of your West Palm Beach business or home, we offer a mobile, on-site shredding service. Your documents will be collected into a locked container by one of our uniformed technicians. The container will be securely locked into our state-of-the-art shredding truck and lifted, tilting the contents directly into the internal shredding machine. Clients are welcome to watch as their papers are cross-cut and thoroughly destroyed according to the latest industry standards. Afterwards, we’ll transport the paper particles to a trusted local recycling partner.

Scheduled Shredding

Despite the impressive advances of modern technology, the average office worker still uses around 10,000 sheets of paper every year, and paper accounts for around 70% of office waste. If your West Palm Beach company regularly handles documents with confidential or individually identifying information, our scheduled shredding service could be an excellent way to help reduce the risk of compromise and streamline the flow of work in your office.

We provide our scheduled shredding clients with free, locking office consoles for daily use to hold and protect sensitive documents. When your shredding day arrives, a uniformed technician will gather the documents, load them into one of our shredding trucks, and proceed to destroy the information while still on-site. The consoles will be returned for continued use in your office, and you’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction, verifying that the documents were destroyed and that the process was completed in accordance to state and federal legislation.

Hard Drive Shredding

When computers or external hard drives are retired from use, they need to be physically destroyed to ensure that their data is never compromised. HES’s destruction method works by crushing the drive platter, making it impossible to recover any of the magnetic data stored on the disk. When the process is complete, we make sure that all electronic components are appropriately recycled.

Locally Owned and Operated, Serving Southern FL

HES is fully licensed and regulated by the DOH, OSHA, EPA, DEP, DERM, and DOT, which means that when you select our services, you’re choosing extensive experience in the field, superior customer service, and comprehensive support.

Choose a reliable and responsible disposal solution for your West Palm Beach business. Ask for your free quote today or call 305-436-0422 to speak with one of our customer service representatives.


From information collection to thorough destruction, you can rely on us to handle all aspects of your disposal service.