Medical Waste Removal & Disposal

HES’s medical waste removal and treatment services are built on a firm groundwork of safety and security. We adhere to all state and federal laws regarding the safe disposal of biohazardous medical waste, and we work with our clients to determine a solution that best suits their unique business.

Medical Waste Removal for Miami and Southern FL

HES is a proud supplier of biohazardous medical waste solutions and disposal services to Southern Florida. In addition to regular waste collection and treatment, we also provide medical waste containment options including sharps containers, red bag liners, biomedical boxes, and medical safety supplies.

When you rely on HES for your waste removal, you’re partnering with a company that is fully licensed, insured, and regulated by the DOH, OSHA, EPA, DEP, DERM & DOT. 

If you are considering transitioning from your current waste removal provider, we have the ability to provide you with a service agreement buyout alternative, circumstances permitting.

What is Biohazardous Medical Waste?

Biohazardous waste material refers to waste that has the potential to infect, harm, or contaminate an individual. 

  • Sharps Waste – As the name suggests, sharps waste includes waste like used needles, syringes, scalpels, lancets, or broken glass. This form of waste requires special care for disposal since it’s easy to injure oneself during handling.
  • Red Bag Waste – This form of waste includes items visibly soiled with or completely saturated in blood or other materials that may be infectious. This can include items like bandages, gauze, and medical protection equipment.
  • Pathological Waste – This form of waste includes physical waste from humans or animals, and can include body parts, tissue, organs, or bodily fluids.
  • Chemotherapy Waste – This waste includes trash and byproducts from chemotherapy treatment, such as masks, empty IV bags, tubing, and empty drug bottles.

Why Does Medical Waste Require Professional Removal?

The short answer is that proper handling and disposal of waste helps save lives. If waste is discarded carelessly, it can place countless people at risk or contaminate an area of ground or a water source for years. The originator of the medical waste, whether that’s a hospital, tattoo parlor, or veterinary clinic, is responsible and legally liable for the waste until it has been properly treated and rendered harmless.

HES has both the experience and the equipment to properly process medical waste, and we absorb the risk for its treatment when it is entrusted to our care. You can focus on your work with confidence – we’ll handle the rest.

How We Treat & Dispose of Biohazardous Waste

If waste is incorrectly treated, it may retain its hazardous or infectious capabilities and pose a risk to humans and the environment. We are careful to process each form of biohazardous medical waste in an appropriate manner.


In this process, waste is subjected to a pressurized, timed steam treatment at a high temperature. This environment neutralizes and destroys any infectious material, making the rest of the waste safe to handle and appropriately dispose of.


When specific types of waste (such as pathological and pharmaceutical waste) pose a threat to the health of disposal workers or the environment, they are processed through incineration. The waste is securely burned or subjected to high enough temperatures to encourage combustion, and after treatment, the remaining ash may then be safely disposed of.

What You Can Expect From HES

Our customers will always receive responsible, fully compliant services. After determining the type and frequency of removal required, you will be provided with the different types and sizes of containers that you require to safely hold your medical waste. 

At the agreed-upon time, our drivers will arrive to safely remove your medical waste and will provide you with an official manifest. We maintain a strict records-keeping system and make documentation available to our clients as needed.

How to Get Started

Contact HES and tell us the nature of your business and the form of waste that will be produced. Our team will coordinate with you to arrange a schedule for the initial drop-off of your medical waste containers and pickup of the waste. Should your needs change at any point, all that is required to alter your service is a phone call to our office.

For more information on HES’s medical waste disposal, serving Miami and Southern Florida, call us at (305) 436-0422. You can also send us a direct message online.