Environmental Commitment

Providing sustainable, responsible waste solutions is at the heart of HES’s mission statement.

Our goal isn’t just to supply our customers with excellence in service - it’s to help conserve our planet’s resources at the same time.
Looking upwards in a forest at multiple trees

Environmentally-Friendly Paper Shredding Services

The average American throws away 30 lbs of office papers every year. If those papers contain sensitive information, they need to be specially processed in order to prevent the accidental loss or theft of those details. HES’s paper shredding services ensures that your documents will be reduced to irretrievable particles, but we take it a step further. Every shred of paper we produce is promptly, securely, and responsibly recycled.

Environmental Benefits of Paper Recycling

Overall, Americans tend to use about 680 lbs of paper products per person, per year, much of which comes in the form of product packaging and junk mail. If we recycled only one-tenth of America’s discarded Sunday newspapers, it would save up to 25 million trees per year.

Each ton of paper we recycle saves:
  • 17 trees
  • 380 gallons of oil
  • 3 cubic yards of landfill space
  • 4,000 kilowatts of energy
  • 7,000 gallons of water
  • 60 lbs of air pollution

How We Recycle

Regardless of the type of paper shredding service, such as on-site mobile shredding or one-time purge shredding, your files will still be processed through our top-of-the-line shredding machines. As the documents pass through these machines, they are cross-cut into tiny, confetti-like bits of paper.

These pieces of paper are then directly transported by our secure trucks to a trusted and verified local shredding partner where they are separated, washed, mixed, and rolled into new forms of paper, which can then be used to create new paper products.

We replicate the same process for the electronic media processed through our hard drive shredding program. After the media has been destroyed, we securely transport the remains to an electronics recycling plant. Once there, the pieces are sorted into raw materials, like plastic, precious metals, and glass, which can then be melted down or sent for more specialized processing. Electronics recycling is one of the most cost and labor-efficient ways to recover rare earth materials like indium and neodymium.

Local Service, Global Goals

HES is owned and operated out of Miami, FL, and while we take great pride in the support and betterment of our immediate community, we also want to see our country and our planet flourish for many decades to come.

When you use our services, you can be proud of the fact that you’re choosing a company that operates with a keen focus on environmental responsibility and sustainability.

To learn more about our paper shredding services, or to schedule an appointment, give our office a call at (305) 436-0422.