Kendall City Document Shredding

If you’re looking for a safe, reliable way to dispose of personal or confidential information in Kendall City, document shredding is 100% effective to ensure your information can’t be retrieved after you discard it. 
Healthcare Environmental Services provides shredding in full compliance with the legislative standards laid out by state and federal law. You’ll enjoy customized scheduling, fast service, and an unparalleled customer service experience.
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Commitment to State and Federal Compliance

As we developed our Kendall City document shredding program, we paid special attention to the state and federal requirements, such as HIPAA and FACTA, that lay out the requirements for discarding personally identifiable information (PII). Every step of our process adheres to established regulations, giving you peace of mind and helping you remain fully compliant in your respective industry.

From start to finish, your documents will remain fully safe and secure. From collection by one of our registered transport vehicles to the final deposit at a trusted, local recycling partner, your files will never be unaccounted for or misplaced. Each shredding appointment concludes with the issue of a Certificate of Destruction, which records the fact that your papers were disposed according to all pertinent compliance standards.

Document Shredding in Kendall City

The average cost of fraud for victims in Florida was $400/person in 2019. For businesses and companies, the cost can be even greater, ranging from months of lost time to lawsuits and damage to corporate reputation. Homeowners must be similarly careful, as identity theft can cost thousands of dollars and years of struggle to reclaim control of your own accounts.

Thieves need little more than a name and address to begin to cause trouble, and they’re just as likely to target individuals as businesses in Kendall City. Document shredding is a guaranteed method to prevent your documents – and your information – from ending up in the wrong hands. HES’s shredding trucks cross-cut documents into tiny, confetti-like pieces, which are then taken to a local partner for recycling. This ensures that the pages can never be retrieved or reassembled.

Documents That Should Be Shredded

• Cancelled Checks

• Paid Credit Card/Utility Bill Statements

• Credit Card Offers

• ATM Receipts

• Shopping Receipts

• Old Pay Stubs

• Old Medical Bills/Prescriptions

• Account Statements

• Junk Mail

Mobile Shredding

Our shredding trucks are the backbone of our mobile shredding program in Kendall City. This service makes it possible for our customers to enjoy the flexibility and convenience of mobile service without compromise to our security standards.

Each shredding appointment is personally overseen by one of our uniformed technicians, who will handle the entire process, from loading your files into the shredding truck to issuing a Certificate of Destruction for your personal records. 

HES’s mobile shredding machines crosscut your documents into specifically sized particles, making them impossible to reconstruct. The automated nature of our trucks means that there is no chance of a single paper being misplaced or poorly processed.

Residential Shredding

Identity theft can happen to anyone, but it’s an unfortunate reality that thieves tend to aggressively target children and seniors, as these groups tend to be easier targets. In the past few years, seniors have lost an average of $1,500 per case of fraud. In Kendall City, document shredding is essential to make sure that personal papers can’t be retrieved and reconstructed from your trash cans.

Florida law regarding dumpster diving doesn’t provide your documents with much protection. Once trash is placed on public property for pickup, such as on the curb, it effectively leaves your control. Any credit card statements, personal letters, or utility bills in your garbage can be picked up by anyone passing by. Our residential shredding program completely removes this possibility.

Setting up your shredding appointment is as easy as letting us know where and when you want your shredding to take place. Our technician will oversee the confidential loading and removal of your documents, and we invite our clients to watch the shredding process as it occurs for personal confirmation.

Scheduled Shredding

In busy offices, papers can pile up quickly. Even in 2019, the average office worker goes through about 10,000 sheets of paper per year. If these papers contain sensitive or confidential information, they can’t legally be disposed of without proper processing. This leads to lost storage space as these files are held onto and creates unnecessary chances for data theft as they become harder to manage.

Some companies may attempt to take care of their shredding needs in-house. Not only is this unnecessarily expensive, as it will require the purchase of a shredder and the commitment of a certain amount of employee time every week, but it also provides no guarantee that the documents are properly processed. Outsourcing your shredding to a professional shredding service offers you the reassurance that you are treating the information in your care according to all required legal regulations.

Our scheduled shredding service includes the delivery of locking consoles – free of charge – for placement and use in your office. Instead of throwing sensitive documents into the trash or recycling, simply deposit them into these consoles, where they will remain safe and secure until shredding day. When your appointment arrives, you won’t need to stop your workday. Our technician will empty the consoles, load the contents into the shredding truck, return the consoles for continued use, and provide you with a Certificate of Destruction before departure.

Hard Drive Shredding

Most businesses use hard drive storage to manage important files or account details. When it comes time to retire these devices, however, many still make the mistake of performing only a cursory deletion before surrendering control of the drive. This standard method of dragging files to the trash bin is woefully ineffective at protecting your data. Even after a drive has been wiped, files can still be recovered with the proper knowledge and equipment.

The only way to guarantee that your information cannot ever be recovered is through the physical destruction of the device’s drive platter, which works by crushing the memory disk. As with our other Kendall City document shredding programs, you’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction after your drives have been destroyed, which will provide a record of the serial numbers on the devices that were disposed.

South FL’s Document Disposal Experts

Your information deserves the highest level of security, and at HES, that’s exactly what we provide. We’re fully licensed, insured, and certified, so you can be confident in your decision to trust us with your document disposal needs. Our services are customizable – the frequency and type of disposal you require is entirely your call to make. If planning assistance is desired, our customers can call upon our years of experience to help create the best shredding schedule for your unique circumstances.

Let us help you discover the perfect disposal plan for your home or business in Kendall City. Document shredding questions and service inquiries can be directed to 305-436-0422, or you can ask for your free quote online today.