Aventura Document Shredding

We proudly provide safe, effective, and 100% compliant document disposal to our commercial and residential clients in Aventura.

Our shredding services will always be accompanied by exceptional customer care and personalized scheduling and disposal plans. We also offer compliance training services to help you and your business operate in complete harmony with your industry’s safety and privacy regulations.
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Florida’s State and Federal Regulations

A business can’t operate effectively without first making sure that it has done its due diligence to meet all legal standards for its respective industry. 

We’ve put in the time and done the research, and as a result, we can offer our Aventura clients a document disposal service that has been designed in full accordance with the regulations outlined by Florida’s legislation.

All pickups are performed with our own registered transport vehicles, and the waste particles generated throughout our shredding process are directly and securely delivered to a trusted local recycling facility immediately after shredding. You’ll always receive a Certificate of Destruction at the conclusion of your shredding service, which provides written affirmation and documentation that the records entrusted to our care were thoroughly and safely destroyed.

Document Shredding in Aventura

Credit card fraud and identity theft can have a real impact on their victims. In 2019, the average per-victim cost of fraud in Florida was $400. Fraud on a company scale can be much more expensive and can be far harder to recover from in terms of value and reputation.

Even knowing these facts, it’s easy – tempting, even – to dismiss identity theft and fraud as something that happens only to the extremely careless. The truth of the matter is that thieves only need a few fragments of information to successfully scam their way into someone else’s financial accounts, and they’re not picky about their targets. 

Time and time again for our clients in Aventura, document shredding provides the best – and most effective – way to guarantee that papers, documents, and hard drives with personal information are never stolen after disposal. Every item will be placed into the care of our uniformed technician, who will personally oversee their transfer into our mobile shredding machines. Once there, your documents will be cross-cut and deconstructed, making sure that the information is prevented from ever being recovered.

Household and Office Items You Should Shred:

• Cancelled Checks

• Paid Credit Card/Utility Bill Statements

• Old Report Cards

• Credit Card Offers

• ATM Receipts

• Shopping Receipts

• Old Pay Stubs

• Old Medical Bills/Prescriptions

• Account Statements

• Junk Mail

Mobile Shredding

HES understands that for our clients in Aventura, document shredding should be a service, not a task. Our mobile service combines our shredding facility’s high-grade, end-to-end security protocols with the convenience of professional document destruction at your front door.

One of our uniformed technicians will securely transfer your papers and other documents into our shredding truck, equipped with state-of-the-art shredding machinery. The documents will be automatically lifted and deposited into the internal shredder, where they will be crosscut with no chance of a single paper being improperly handled.

As with all of our destruction programs, you will be issued a Certificate of Destruction at the conclusion of the service. The document particles will then be directly and securely delivered for recycling.

Residential Shredding

HES’s shredding programs aren’t just for businesses in Aventura. Document shredding is immensely useful to residential households as well, as it provides a reliable and thorough way to reduce the chances of identity theft.

When trash is placed on the curb for public collection, the law currently does not enforce criminal charges on anyone who elects to search through it. This means that your private information leaves your protection and your control when it is relinquished for trash pickup. Document shredding eliminates the chances of your private papers from being stolen and makes it impossible for anyone to reconstruct the fragments. Plus, those particles will never be made available to the public – from collection to shredding, your documents will remain secure, all the way to the recycling plant.

Requesting residential shredding service is easy. Simply let us know where and when you’d like your shredding truck to arrive and collect the documents you would like to discard. We’ll handle the rest, and you’re welcome to watch the process as it occurs to personally verify that your papers have been destroyed to your satisfaction.

Scheduled Shredding

Even with our increasing use of technology, such as computers and hard drive devices, the average office worker will still go through about 10,000 pieces of paper through the course of their work each year. If any of these pages contain personal or confidential information, such as a customer’s details or a health history, they should not be carelessly tossed in the garbage with the rest of the building’s trash.

HES provides Aventura document shredding services to prevent personally identifiable information (PII) from entering the public dump. When you request our regularly scheduled shredding service, we’ll first provide you with locking consoles – free of charge – for you to use on a daily basis at your place of work. Instead of throwing sensitive documents into the trash, simply discard them into the consoles.

On your shredding day, our technician will empty the consoles, shred the contents, issue your Certificate of Destruction, and remove the particles for recycling. Your day can continue without any interruption, and you can relax with the knowledge that your company’s sensitive data was responsibly and safely disposed.

Hard Drive Shredding

For many of us, no matter whether it’s at our place of work or in our homes, digital storage is crucial to the way we store important records. When a phone or computer is no longer needed, it’s logical to assume that simply dragging and dropping your files to the digital waste bin is enough for their disposal.

However, hard drives are much more complex, and the truth of the matter is that even after files have been deleted, they can still be recovered with the right knowledge and programs. There is only one method that is guaranteed to erase your files, and that is through physical hard drive destruction.

As with our other Aventura document shredding services, you’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction after your hard drives have been destroyed. It will record the specific serial numbers of each hard drive processed for your records.

HES: Florida’s Local Shredding Providers

Healthcare Environmental Services is fully licensed, insured, and compliant with document disposal legislation. We take pride in offering our customers reliable, comprehensive, and customizable services, and we make use of our extensive experience and dedication to customer service to create the perfect solution for your document destruction needs.

Let’s get started on finding the best plan for you in Aventura. Ask for your free quote online today or call 305-436-0422 to speak directly to one of our customer service representatives.