Plantation City Document Shredding

At Healthcare Environmental Services, we’re proud to offer safe, effective, and compliant document disposal and shredding services to Plantation City
You can depend on exceptional customer care, customized scheduling and disposal plans, and compliance services to be signature hallmarks of your HES experience.
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Florida Legislative Compliance

We take our compliance – and yours – seriously. Every aspect of our document disposal services in Plantation City has been designed with close attention to the regulations outlined by state and federal legislation.

Pickups are performed by our own registered transporter vehicles, and waste particles are directly delivered to a trusted, verified local facility for recycling. You’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction at the end of every appointment that records what was entrusted to our care, when it was destroyed, and that the process was in accordance with all applicable industry standards.

Document Shredding in Plantation City

As of 2019, the average cost of fraud to Floridian victims came up to around $400 per person. It’s easy to dismiss identity theft and data breaches as something that only happens to the extremely careless, but the uncomfortable reality of the situation is that thieves really only need a few pieces of information – like a name and mailing address – to cause thousands of dollars in losses, months of effort, and, for businesses, a lengthy lawsuit or a sharp blow to the company’s reputation.

For the businesses and residents of Plantation City, document shredding is the best – and most effective – way to make sure that papers with personal or confidential details are never lost or stolen after disposal. Each and every leaf is securely transferred to our mobile shredding machines, crosscut in compliance with federal and industry standards, and immediately delivered to a trusted local partner for recycling.

What Items Do I Need to Shred?

• Cancelled Checks

• Paid Credit Card/Utility Bill Statements

• Credit Card Offers

• ATM Receipts

• Shopping Receipts

• Old Pay Stubs

• Old Medical Bills/Prescriptions

• Account Statements

• Junk Mail

Mobile Shredding

HES’s mobile shredding service to Plantation City combines the same high-grade, end-to-end security protocols at our off-site facility with the convenience of professional shredding at your front door.

For each visit, a uniformed technician will personally oversee the secure transfer of your documents into our state-of-the-art shredding truck, which will then automatically lift, deposit, and crosscut your documents through the internal shredder. This automatic process ensures that not a single piece of paper will be lost or misplaced.

At the conclusion of your shredding appointment, you’ll be issued a Certificate of Destruction for your records. The shredding particles will then be securely and directly delivered for recycling.


Residential Shredding

Our services aren’t only for businesses in Plantation City. Document shredding can benefit residential households, too, especially regarding the chances of identity theft. 

As it currently stands, if trash is on the street corner for public collection, there is no legal penalty for anyone who decides to search through it. This means that your personal information effectively leaves your control when you place it outside for trash collection. To guarantee that your personal information doesn’t end up in the wrong hands, we offer residential shredding programs.

Arranging an appointment is simple – let us know when and where you would like us to arrive, and we’ll see to it that your documents are safely and securely destroyed. You are welcome to watch the process if you wish to personally oversee the destruction.

Scheduled Shredding

The digital revolution has forever changed how most offices operate, but despite these advances, the average office worker will still use around 10,000 pieces of paper each year. Whether it’s a printed summary of a customer account or handwritten notes on changes that should be made to client records, any document containing personally identifiable information (PII) cannot legally be disposed through the public trash system. HES provides Plantation City document shredding services for precisely this reason: to correctly and confidentially destroy items containing PII.

When you book regularly scheduled shredding, we’ll provide you with locking consoles, free of charge, for daily use in your work environment. Over the course of your natural workday, simply discard documents with PII into these containers. On your scheduled pickup day, a uniformed technician will arrive, securely empty the consoles into the shredding machine, and return the consoles for continued usage. You will receive a Certificate of Destruction after each and every appointment, providing you with a comprehensive record of your document destruction. As always, we will then directly and safely deliver the paper particles to a local recycling partner for responsible processing.

Hard Drive Shredding

Digital storage is an integral part of how many of us conduct business and store important records. When they’re no longer needed, it’s easy to assume that simply deleting the files from your device is sufficient to dispose of them. However, the mechanics of hard drive storage are much more complex – it’s entirely possible to recover files from a device, even after they’ve been deleted according to standard practices.

When hard drive devices are no longer needed for use, the physical disk must be physically destroyed in order to guarantee that the information it once held can no longer be recovered. Otherwise, the risk of a data breach from resold or discarded hard drives increases exponentially. Our method of destruction involves crushing the drive platter, which permanently destroys any remaining magnetic data.

As with any other Plantation City document shredding service, you’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction after the process is complete. However, for hard drive shredding, the Certificate will contain the serial numbers of each hard drive that was destroyed, giving you a comprehensive record of what was disposed.

Your Local Disposal Service for Southern FL

HES’s document disposal services are backed up by our status as a fully licensed, insured, and compliant company. Our services are reliable, comprehensive, and customizable. We’ll use our extensive experience and dedication to customer service to create the perfect disposal solution for your unique needs.

We’ll help you find the perfect solution for your Plantation City business. Ask for your free quote today, or call 305-436-0422 and speak with one of our customer service representatives.