Fort Lauderdale – Medical Waste Disposal and Document Shredding

Providing excellence in customer care and special attention to compliance standards, HES offers medical waste disposal and document shredding services to Fort Lauderdale.
Select from same-day waste removal, scheduled service, or a customized plan to best serve your company.

Medical Waste Disposal in Fort Lauderdale

Proper disposal of medical waste is essential for the continued protection of the environment and individuals who could come into contact with the waste. The World Health Organization warns that in a 2015 study conducted over 24 countries, only 58% of sampled facilities had the right systems in place for the safe disposal of biohazardous materials.

HES’s waste disposal services are fully compliant with all state and federal standards for safe disposal of biohazardous or medical waste. Our registered vehicles will provide you with a receipt for your records immediately upon pickup of your materials, and at our secure, state-of-the-art facility, the waste will be carefully and thoroughly destroyed. We work with clients from many different industries and guarantee that our services meet all applicable legal requirements for each trade group.

Florida’s Legal Requirements for Medical Disposal

Biomedical waste, as defined by the Florida Department of Health, refers to any solid or liquid waste material that could present risks of infection. This refers to waste from many different sources, such as veterinary clinics, laboratories, tattoo parlors, blood banks, nursing homes, and dentistry offices.

From the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to acts like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), there are many different regulations in place that dictate the precise way medical waste must be destroyed. It can be hard to independently meet these standards, especially if your existing practice has no room for the facilities required for proper treatment of the waste.

HES’s waste disposal services are guaranteed to meet the requirements laid out by state and federal legislature, and we offer same-day collection for quick and easy removal of generated waste.

Providing Safe Disposal for the Following Hazardous Waste:

  • Biohazard
  • Industrial
  • Controlled Substance
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical

Document Shredding in Fort Lauderdale

Fraud cost Floridians a grand total of $84.2 million in 2018, with an average loss of $400 per person, ranking first in the number of reports per 100,000 residents. 15% of the total amount was lost due to identity theft. It’s easy to become complacent under the assumption that fraud would never happen to your company or person, but it only takes one misplaced document to present the chance for theft.

HES’s Fort Lauderdale shredding services ensure that every individual piece of paper placed in our care is collected, cross-cut, and responsibly recycled through a local partner, all through strict end-to-end security protocols to protect confidentiality during every step of the process. At the end of every shredding appointment, we’ll provide you with a Certificate of Destruction, which is your proof that your documents were destroyed according to federal and industry standards for privacy protection.

On-Site Mobile Shredding

On-site document shredding eliminates the need to travel to a far-away facility. Our mobile shredding trucks will arrive right at the front door of your Fort Lauderdale home or company, and a uniformed technician will oversee the safe and secure transfer of your documents directly onto our mobile shredder. 

You’ll be able to observe firsthand as your papers are transformed into unrecoverable particles, which will then be transported to a trusted recycling plant after the conclusion of the shredding process.

Scheduled Shredding

Despite the amount of business conducted online, the average office worker still produces around 2 pounds of paper waste every day. We provide scheduled shredding services to Fort Lauderdale businesses to help simplify their workday and save them both time and space. When you book your scheduled service, we’ll provide locking consoles – free of charge – to you for daily use around your office. These will protect your sensitive documents until your shredding day arrives, when a uniformed technician will safely empty the consoles, shred the contents, and return the consoles for your continued use.

Before departure, you’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction for each shredding session, creating a documented record of the safe disposal of your files.

Fort Lauderdale’s Local Disposal Solution

HES believes in full commitment to the care and satisfaction of our customers, offering exceptional disposal services and outstanding support. Our services are fully licensed and insured, and we provide fast, economical disposal solutions for your business.

Select HES for complete and proper disposal of your medical waste and private documents. Request your free quote online or give our office a call at 305-436-0422 to learn more about our services.


From information collection to thorough destruction, you can rely on us to handle all aspects of your disposal service.